MSC’s investment professionals have ample experience in the medical life sciences sector. If needed, they can draw on an extensive network of experts.

Willem P. van Lawick, MD, MBA founded MSC in 2000. His experience includes asset management, mergers & acquisitions, corporate strategy and finance. Willem van Lawick worked as a medical doctor (degree Leiden University) and holds an MBA (INSEAD). He is on the board of several MSC portfolio companies.

Otto H. Postma, MSc co-founded (the predecessor of) Pharming Group N.V., founded Pharming Healthcare, Inc., and was instrumental in the development of several life sciences start-ups. He is experienced in commercial development, corporate strategy, licensing, and patent management. Otto Postma holds an MSc degree in chemistry (Utrecht University, cum laude). He is on the board of sev­eral MSC portfolio companies.