Organ Assist

Organ Assist B.V. devel­ops and mar­kets organ per­fu­sion sys­tems that pre­serve donor organ qual­i­ty over a longer peri­od of time. Consequently, trans­plan­ta­tion results will improve and more donor organs will become eli­gi­ble for trans­plan­ta­tion.

The cur­rent prod­uct line of Organ Assist com­pris­es the ECOPS (Extra Corporal Organ Procurement System), the Kidney Assist, the Liver Assist and the Lung Assist.

Portfolio: MedSciences Seed Fund B.V. and MedSciences Capital II B.V.

Current prod­uct devel­op­ment stage: CE mark and estabished provider of organ per­fu­sion sys­tems.