Brake through to decrease the wait­ing list of organ trans­plan­ta­tion

Dutch-based donor organ per­fu­sion devices companyOrgan Assist BV today announced the suc­cess­ful com­ple­tion of sec­ond round invest­ment led by Dutch investor MedSciences Capital BV from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Also par­tic­i­pat­ing in this equi­ty invest­ment are De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar NV, Hanzepoort BV, NoordTechVenture BV, Kennisconversiefonds BV and G.J. Smidfonds BV, all from the Netherlands. The financ­ing will enable Organ Assist to bring its first prod­ucts to mar­ket and to fur­ther devel­op their extend­ed prod­uct line. Continue read­ing “Brake through to decrease the wait­ing list of organ trans­plan­ta­tion”

First iVAC 3L Case in Belgium

On February 3rd the first iVAC 3L case was car­ried out in Erasme ULB hos­pi­tal, Belgium, by Dr Frederic Vandeneynden.
The patient was a 65yr old female who had been trans­ferred to the ICU after bypass surgery and who had been unable to recov­er. Before implan­ta­tion of the iVAC 3L she had a CO of 2.9L/M, EF of 20% and her kid­neys were begin­ning to fail. Without the iVAC 3L it was pre­dict­ed that she would have died the same day. Continue read­ing “First iVAC 3L Case in Belgium”