Mucosis announces publication of preclinical data demonstrating superior protection by mucosally administered Mimopath®-based influenza vaccines

Groningen, The Netherlands, 3 May 2012, Dutch biotechnology company Mucosis B.V. today announced the publication in the peer-reviewed journal Vaccine of preclinical data showing that FluGEM® provides superior cross-protection against influenza virus. FluGEM® is a new Mimopath®-based mucosal influenza vaccine that can be administered through simple droplets in the nose.
According to the report, FluGEM®, a vaccine based on traditional inactivated influenza antigens formulated with bacterium-like particles (BLPs), provided full protection in mice against both homologous and heterologous influenza infection. Moreover, the results show more than 300-fold lower viral titers in the lungs when compared to conventional influenza vaccination. Reduction of viral lung titers more efficiently protects against disease, but may also result in decreased viral shedding, thereby increasing herd immunity. The data demonstrate that Mucosis’ unique Mimopath® technology can be used to develop needle-free vaccines that are more efficacious than conventional vaccines.
Dr. Kees Leenhouts, CSO of Mucosis: “We are extremely pleased with the results of this study. It is a pivotal step in the further validation of our platform technology for the development of novel and improved vaccines to protect against infectious diseases.”
Mucosis will continue to develop the FluGEM® vaccine candidate in cooperation with corporate, governmental and non-governmental partners. The company’s lead vaccine candidate based on the same Mimopath® technology, called SynGEM™, is designed to prevent infections with Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), which affect over 60 million people worldwide ranging from the very young to the elderly with more than one million hospitalizations annually. An RSV vaccine does not yet exist.

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