Brake through to decrease the waiting list of organ transplantation

Dutch-based donor organ perfusion devices companyOrgan Assist BV today announced the successful completion of second round investment led by Dutch investor MedSciences Capital BV from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Also participating in this equity investment are De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar NV, Hanzepoort BV, NoordTechVenture BV, Kennisconversiefonds BV and G.J. Smidfonds BV, all from the Netherlands. The financing will enable Organ Assist to bring its first products to market and to further develop their extended product line.

The ever-growing waiting list for organ transplantation expresses the need for improved availability. Organ Assist fulfils this need by improving the possibility for less optimal organs to be included in the donor pool by improving their quality. It is expected that the donor pool will thus be increased by 30%. Organ Assist’s patent-protected systems allow controlled donor organ procurement as well as improved preservation of donor kidneys and livers in donor clinics and during transportation.

By implementing advanced blood pump and oxygenation techniques in the OA transport boxes, the donor organs are protected against loss of quality. The Organ Assist products proved to be beneficial in preclinical evaluations at partner institutes around the world, and is now awaiting its clinical introduction in EU and USA. “We are extremely pleased with the support of these professional investors in turning our innovations into worldwide available and really meaningful healthcare products,” said prof.dr. Gerhard Rakhorst, CEO and founder of Organ Assist. “Next to financial input, they provide access to expertise that we regard as essential to the growth of our company.”

Mr. Wilem van Lawick from MedSciences Capital and chairman of the Board of Directors of Organ Assist BV, added: ”Organ Assist, with its potential to generate significant returns in the near term, illustrates the attractiveness of medical technology as an investment opportunity. But more importantly, with this investment, we contribute to solving one of the major issues of this era: the high waiting list for organ transplantation.”

The other Members of the Board of Directors are Mr. R. Feenstra from De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar NV and Mr. Dantuma from G.J. Smidfonds BV.

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