First iVAC 3L Case in Belgium

On February 3rd the first iVAC 3L case was car­ried out in Erasme ULB hos­pi­tal, Belgium, by Dr Frederic Vandeneynden.
The patient was a 65yr old female who had been trans­ferred to the ICU after bypass surgery and who had been unable to recov­er. Before implan­ta­tion of the iVAC 3L she had a CO of 2.9L/M, EF of 20% and her kid­neys were begin­ning to fail. Without the iVAC 3L it was pre­dict­ed that she would have died the same day.
The iVAC 3L was insert­ed through the right axil­lary artery; posi­tion­ing of the device took aprox­i­mate­ly 4 min­utes.
After implan­ta­tion of the iVAC 3L her CO was increased to 5.2L/M; the next day her kid­neys were func­tion­al again and it was pos­si­ble to reduce her drug treat­ment.
The iVAC 3L was removed after five days of use. Three and a half weeks lat­er she has been trans­ferred to the CCU and is doing fine.

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