Organ Assist was present at the 2010 ESAO Congress in Skopje, Macedonia. Five guests (Prof.T.Minor, Prof.R.J.Ploeg, Prof.B.Barrou, Dr.C.van de Wauwer and Dr.E.Flores) pre­sent­ed their expe­ri­ences with per­fus­ing donor organs dur­ing our lunch sym­po­sium.

From September 8th till September 11th the XXXVII Annual Meeting of the European Society for Artificial Organs ESAO was held in Skopje (Macedonia). Organ Assist was rep­re­sent­ed in Skopje with a spe­cial orga­nized lunch sym­po­sium. Five spe­cial­ist were invit­ed by us to present their ben­e­fits and expe­ri­ences with organ preser­va­tion.

We were very hap­py with the pres­ence of Prof.R.J.Ploeg (Groningen), Prof.B.Barrou (Paris), Prof.T.Minor (Bonn), Dr.C.van de Wauwer (Groningen) and Dr.E.Flores-Vilalba (Barcelona). Prof.Ploeg was the chair­man of the meet­ing and also pre­sent­ed his results with the Kidney per­fu­sion. Some high­lights and con­clu­sions: “Machine per­fu­sion is one of the future area’s of improve­ment in trans­plantsurgery”. Conclusion after tri­al of Machine Perfusion ver­sus Cold Stroage method: “In all com­mon types of deceased donor kid­neys, Machine Perfusion reduces Delayed Graft Function and improves graft sur­vival.

Dr.E.Flores-Vilalba (Barcelona) had a very inter­est­ing pre­sen­ta­tion about the ear­ly result of their study in Barcelona using the Liver Assist. Normothermic, ex vivo per­fu­sion and recon­di­tion­ing of donor liv­ers has giv­en very good pre­lim­i­nary results. Besides the improved results also the reduced size of the used machine was very pos­i­tive. The Liver Assist takes a lott less space then con­ven­tion­al per­fu­sion machines. The results of the tri­al will pub­lished soon.

Prof.B.Barrou (Paris) also pre­sent­ed good pre­lim­i­nary results form the tri­al of using preser­va­tion machines. Thanks to the use of a preser­va­tion device the com­mon hos­pi­tal stay of the patient was reduced. The data of the tri­al will be pre­sent­ed as soon as the writ­ing of the pub­li­ca­tion is fin­ished. Prof.T.Minor had a very inter­est­ing pre­sen­ta­tion about preser­va­tion of donor liv­ers using organ per­su­fla­tion with oxy­gen.

Dr.C.van de Wauwer pre­sent­ed the results of the Groningen tri­al on improve­ment and per­fu­sion of non heart beat­ing donor lungs. These result were gen­er­at­ed after the use of the Lung Assist. A pos­si­tive improve­ment of the lungs has been proven. Results of this tri­al will be pub­lished after the fin­ish­ing of the tri­al.

Overall it was a very inter­est­ing and suc­cess­full lunchtime sym­po­sium in Skopje. Good and pos­i­tive results were pre­sent­ed and have giv­en a pos­i­tive base for organ preser­va­tion in the upcom­ming future.

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